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To repair his relationship with Europe and the United States

She is also the co-founder of the Coalition for Women in Journalism."What (Erdogan) has been doing in the past two to five years is illegal and he has continued doing it anyway," says Mahir Zeynalov, a Turkish journalist and analyst based in Washington, DC "But he asks for people to vote to get legitimacy for his actions and to say, ‘Look — this is what the people want. His critics fear he might use the death penalty as a tool to muzzle his opposition. After the July coup attempt he declared a state of emergency, and shut down more than 170 media outlets, detained more than 113,000 people and jailed 47,000, including judges, prosecutors, academics, journalists, police officers and parliamentarians. It was only after last summer’s failed military coup, which made the public more cautious of the military’s power, that Erdogan’s position gained more mainstream support.Supporters of the referendum believe that through his authoritarian tactics, Erdogan will protect Turkey from Islamic State and the PKK.

At that point he was still prime minister, angling for a third term, and making the case that to modernise, the country needed to abandon its constitution, which was written by generals after the 1980 coup. Sunday’s referendum came at a perfect time for Erdogan, who has become what his supporters consider a steady presence in a country wracked by instability. They think he will resuscitate the country’s economy and increase wages, even though he has been vague about his plans for growth.Istanbul: On Sunday in Istanbul, thousands filled the streets protesting a historic referendum that dramatically expanded the president’s power.Beyond Turkey’s borders, the referendum will likely impact the country’s relationship with the West. In order to weaken his growing opposition he would also need to diminish the hostility between the Turkish state and the minority Kurds.@Kirannazish. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who became president in 2014, has expressed interest in rewriting the constitution since 2011.The referendum, which 51. He will also have the authority to declare a state of emergency, among other changes.

The future of Turkey is now in Erdogan’s hands.He continued with this message as he campaigned for president in 2014, but throughout his campaign never offered details on why the existing constitution wasn’t working. Security threats come from both Islamic State and the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which wants autonomy within Turkey, and which claimed responsibility for an attack a few days before the referendum. Europe still needs Turkey to prevent Syrian refugees from flooding its borders, but Erdogan could use his new authority to try to oust Syrian President Bashar al- Assad. With so much power, Erdogan is even more responsible for whatever difficulties the country faces. Most of the changes will go into effect after the next elections, in 2019, at which point the president will have the power to appoint the cabinet and a number of vice-presidents, and be able to select and remove senior civil servants without parliamentary approval.

To repair his relationship with Europe and the United States, Erdogan needs to reinstate press freedom, free imprisoned journalists and parliamentarians, stop publicly vilifying his opponents and put an end to the Nazi references he used to describe the German and Dutch governments. Ongoing wars in Syria and Iraq have required Turkey’s military and political attention on the borders and made the country a strategically important member of Nato.To his detractors — mostly from liberal backgrounds, LGBT and other vulnerable communities — the referendum represents an enormous threat to Turkey’s democracy. They fear that the new constitution will legalise Erdogan’s abuse of power.But rather than bringing back state-sanctioned murder, Erdogan’s top domestic priority should be to reunite the polarised country, divided between a secular class and the more ultra-nationalist and conservative faction that supports him.Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), said it would demand a recount of about 37 per cent of ballot boxes.

It will replace Turkey’s parliamentary system with a presidency and abolish the office of prime minister.Kiran Nazish is a journalist based between Turkey and New York.’"In his first public appearance after the state-run media agency announced the referendum results, Erdogan said he plans to immediately discuss with the prime minister the issue of reinstating the death penalty.Erdogan’s crackdown on his political opposition and his citizens’ civil liberties more broadly helped sway the referendum in his favour.

Erdogan’s self-image as a devout Muslim leader has been another political asset in a country that has become more religiously conservative over the inverter with remote-control past several years.A softer approach to Europe seems unlikely in light of Erdogan’s recent comment that he had been attacked by the "crusader mentality in the West", after European monitors criticised the vote.If he doesn’t address the deep divides in Turkey and repair relations with the West, he may strengthen his opposition’s resolve.4 of voters supported, transforms the country’s constitution

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The United States cannot ignore the national security implications

It is not very different from the delusion of the Left and secular parties that the poor people will never vote for a reactionary party like the BJP.In 2017, China imported nuclear technology worth USD 170 million from the United States.As per the new policy, there will be a presumption of denial for new licence applications or extensions to existing authorisations related to the China General Nuclear Power Group, which is currently under indictment for conspiring to steal US nuclear technology.

China is "actively pursuing our advanced nuclear technology for diversion to military use in its third-generation nuclear power submarine, in the development of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and in strategic dual-use nuclear-powered platforms, such as small modular reactors and floating nuclear power plants deployable in the South China Sea," the official said. Every BJP victory is explained away by the left secularists as the miracle wrought by the RSS.The policy guidance establishes a clear framework for disposition of authorisation requests for transfers to China that are currently on hold because of "military diversion and proliferation concerns".Read: China says US making something out of thin air in spy case"

The United States cannot ignore the national security implications of Chinas efforts to obtain nuclear technology outside of established processes of the US-China civil nuclear cooperation," Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said after his department announced the measures on Thursday. If the BJP had won the 2014 Lok Sabha and the 2017 Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh only on the back of a united Hindu vote, where the dalit and Muslim vote did not matter, then the BJP should be winning every time in UP because the Hindu majority is always there.

The RSS aspires to be the supreme mentor in the country, but this aspiration remains a delightful hallucination. The official alleged that China was already using nuclear power on man-made islands it created in the South China Sea.The arithmetic stares you in the face and the byelections to the Lok Sabha from Gorakhpur and Phulpur seemed to have only confirmed it."For decades, China has maintained a concerted, central China off grid inverter Manufacturers government-run strategy to gain nuclear advantage," a senior administration official told reporters during a conference call.

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If this requires the veneration of those in power

"I am certainly not grooming her as my successor", Nehru told his critics.Apologists of dynasties argue that if an "heir apparent" is able to win elections his or her choice is legitimised because it reflects the will of the people.The time has come to ask the seminal question why a politician whose power is ascendant will always find enough Indians to salute him, irrespective of the merits of an issue. Retributive action is swift and surgical. That is why also, a political party, at the national level, whose founding fathers proudly upheld the freedom of opinion and democratic transparency, has today so many of its members who know what needs to change but don’t have the courage to say so.Expressing regret that even 70 years after Independence four crore households don’t have access to electricity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched a Rs 16,320-crore "Saubhagya" — Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana.

If this requires the veneration of those in power, irrespective of their credentials to hold it, so be it. The local MLA or MP whose favours they need would immediately withhold them if he finds that a supplicant has the temerity to question the supreme leader from whom, at the intermediate level, he, himself, derives power. Are we congenitally servile, or have we just allowed "pragmatism" to perennially overcome principles? "Chadhte wholesale solar power systems sooraj ko sab salaam karte hain (Everyone salutes the rising sun)", is an old Indian saying. Either this must change, or the label that India is the world’s largest democracy should be amplified to read: India is the world’s largest democracy with the largest number of undemocratic leaders at its helm.

State-run Power Finance Corp (PFC) has committed financial assistance of Rs 4,009 crore to Telangana for setting up a 4,000 MW thermal power plant in Nalgonda district..One of these questions is the acceptance of dynastic rule by political parties.Congenital haters of Nehru may not believe what he said, but the significant point is that there were critics then who had the courage to question Nehru, and Nehru had the honesty to publicly say that he was "mentally opposed to the idea". In 1959, when Indira Gandhi became president of the Congress Party, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had to face criticism for promoting his daughter.

India may be the world’s largest democracy in numerical terms, but are we also so in terms of the practice of democracy? Free and largely fair elections, supervised by a vigilant Election Commission, are, no doubt, great achievements.To be fair, a family’s preeminence in politics gives its progeny a natural advantage. Such an approach breeds the most deplorable sycophancy

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It is a simple camera that is attached on a stand and connects

It bears a plastic stand that tilts forwards and backwards, and can be turned left or right to cover the given area of surveillance.The camera feed can also be shared between multiple users. CCTVs were probably the first to enter the wireless appliance segment with Wi-Fi-based IP cameras. New users get a trial period of one month for free. When viewing the video on the phone in portrait mode, you cannot see the entire 111-degree wide video.The agenda of the alliance, she said, "included talks with Pakistan and Kashmiris, besides the returns of power projects (to the state) and maintaining status quo on the Article 370 which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Recognizing faces or reading a text (for example a car’s number plate) in night mode is difficult too, and the only probable use here is to monitor activity. Today, with smart and IoT devices at play, we see everything become wireless. Thanks to the slim profile, the camera is light weight and elegant looking.The camera we received is completely black in colour, but you can opt for a white variant to suit your interiors too. The plans start for as little as $5.The camera starts its work the moment it is powered on.4GHz) network.Once done, the app throws up a QR code that holds the necessary networking details for the camera to latch on to the network."We had only one (Assembly) seat and reached 28 in 2014.

It is a simple camera that is attached on a stand and connects to a power outlet via China PPR PIPE Factory a micro USB cable and wirelessly connects to your existing Wi-Fi home/office network. The Yi is probably the cheapest wireless IP-based home security camera available on the shelves today, if you consider the sale offer. Using the desktop client, you can store your footage locally on the PC too. Download the Yi Home app (for Android and iPhone available) and get started. .The camera settings include status LED disabling so that you can turn off the power LED on the camera to keep it discreet, night vision IR LED activation, microphone, image rotation (180-degrees) and firmware upgrades.

However, do note that you would additionally be spending for data uploads on your broadband data plans. The Yi Home Camera 720p is available for a discounted price of Rs 1,999 for a limited period (till January 26, 2019), while the actual MRP is Rs 2,999. However, to get the best from it, you need to initially setup its parameters. However, the quality of the feed falls tremendously if you zoom in. Your recordings are stored online for up to 30 days, depending on the subscription plan. Once done, the camera is ready for setup ahead

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The simmering discontent over the setting up of a power grid

Kar Hospital.G. "Proposed power grid will be relocated if required," Ms Banerjee said. Following a day-long protest on January 10, the state announced suspension of work at the power grid substation. "The police had been strictly told by the chief minister that it should not open fire at any cost," a Nabanna source said.The villagers alleged that while leaving, the police opened fire at them. "Why this sudden violent protest today when the administration has already stopped work at the power project?" asked power minister Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay.Initially, a statement attributed to chief minister Mamata Banerjee was issued which reiterated her stand that land woul not be acquired against people’s will.

In a plastic pipe fitting ppr short bypass bend virtual rerun of Nandigram, thousands of villagers armed with lathis and bricks fought pitched battles with the police. However, later it was withdrawn possibly because she felt it might send a wrong message to investers who will assemble at Bengal Global Business Summit three days later. The people were so angry that they did not let them enter. As soon as reports of massive protests by villagers reached Nabanna, the CM sent party vice president and MP Mukul Roy and state minister Abdur Rezzak Mollah to the violence-scarred region. In Nandigram-style resistance, huge logs and tree trunks blocked police’s entery into Bhangar.

Kolkata: The simmering discontent over the setting up of a power grid at Bhangar in South 24 Parganas exploded on Tuesday in which one villager was killed.The protest erupted Tuesday morning after alleged police raids on Monday evening. "We want the chief minister to come and personally assure us that the power substation will be disbanded," the villagers demanded. The police has denied the charge. His brother Imtajul Khan alleged that Mofizul was shot at by supporters of former TMC strongman Arabul Islam.

A number of police personnel were also injured in brick-batting by the villagers, who also allegedly torched three police buses and pushed four police vehicles into waterbodies. The state government rejected the villagers’ claim that the police had opened fire. He was a resident of Khamarait.Mofizul Ali Khan, who sustained bullet injury in his abdomen, succumbed to his injury after being brought to the SSKM Hospital. Another person, Akbar Alli Mollah who sustained bullet injury in his right arm, was admitted to the R

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The government said the 3 MW solar plant will soon be operational

As per the government, Mr Jain also spoke about the innovative measures announced in recently approved "Delhi Solar Policy — 2016" like group Net-metering, virtual Net-metering, generation-based incentives, mandatory deployment of solar system on government/ public institutions and waiver of inspection by chief electrical inspector upto 200 KWP solar PV plant, etc.Claiming that it has saved Rs 68 lakhs in electricity bills, the Delhi government on Tuesday said it has the only green state Secretariat of the country running on solar energy."

To achieve this goal, the Delhi government decided to start the work from Delhi Secretariat itself," it added. "In order to make Delhi Secretariat, the first green Secretariat of the country running on solar power on net zero basis, power department, Government of NCT of Delhi, is in process of setting up 3 MW solar PV plant on the vacant land of IP Station, Delhi. The government said the 3 MW solar plant will soon be operational in the capital.. At the award function on September 24, power secretary Sukesh Kumar Jain, who received the award on behalf of the Delhi government, highlighted various initatives taken by the Kejriwal government in the field of renewable energy, especially to promote use of solar energy on the rooftops of government and residential buildings."

The Delhi Solar Policy — 2016 has been appreciated widely, including by the United Nations Committee on Climate Change, Green Peace, ministry of new and renewable energy and the solar power developers," the government said, claiming that it is wholesale PPR BALL VALVE for sale committed to making the national capital a solar city. According to the government, it received was awarded a certificate of recognition for its achievement at the recently held IPPAI Power Awards in Goa. 1 MW capacity of this plant has already be-en commissioned and the Delhi government saved Rs 68 lakhs in electricity bi-lls by using solar power in Delhi Secretariat upto August 2016," a government statement said

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